Filepath: phork/php/core/CoreControllerLite.class.php

The CoreControllerLite class is the most basic controller that can either be used as is or extended as necessary. It determines which method to call based on the URL and handles page not found errors gracefully.

All the controllers must implement the Controller interface found at phork/php/core/interfaces/Controller.interface.php.

Display Content Example

//the display method called from
public function displayBar() {
    //the template path is relative to the template directory and excludes the .phtml extension
    $strTemplate = $this->getTemplatePath('path/to/template');    
    if ($this->validateFile($strTemplate)) {
        AppDisplay::getInstance()->appendTemplate('content', $strTemplate, array_merge($this->arrPageVars, array(
            'strTemplateString' => 'foo',
            'intTemplateInteger' => 42

Including a Template From Within a Template Example

//this goes in a controller
public function includeMessage($strMessage) {
    $this->includeTemplateFile($this->getTemplatePath('common/message'), array(
        'strMessage' => $strMessage

//this goes in a [template].phtml file